I’m proud to announce the launch of the new Bazaarvoice web site. I’m not announcing this to beat our chest — though I am proud of what the team has created — but rather to point out some things you might find interesting on the new site…such as:

  • Solutions by industry — you may not know that we serve clients in retail, manufacturing, pharma, media travel and finance.
  • Products grouped into suites — You may know us for ratings and reviews, but we actually have eight products, and more to come! The new interactive, amplification and intelligent suites gives you an idea of our breadth and where we’re headed.
  • New partners page — highlighting our Radius partnership programs and the application, platform and service partners.

The site also has new content in most groups, new look and feel, and also more videos (highlighted on the right on most pages).You can also see all our resources, such as webinars, whitepapers, case studies and stats.

I’ve been through many site redesigns in my career (even three Dell redesigns). I see a redesign as a starting point, a launch pad…not a destination. You will continue to see us evolve the site, adding more value to you in the form of content, whitepapers, studies, webinars and thought leadership that will help you progress your social commerce strategy!


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