This blog post is guest-written by Amy Oettle, Community Manager at Bazaarvoice.

Review submission on over timeSmartPak, a leading retailer of equine and canine products, supplements and medications, saw huge success in driving review volume across the many products they offer to horse and dog enthusiasts.

After the launch of Ratings & Reviews in February 2009, SmartPak successfully deployed an announcement email with a contest and site promotion. They generated a healthy volume of reviews from their customers, but they knew they needed something more to sustain and grow their customer interaction through reviews on an ongoing basis: an automatic post-purchase review solicitation email.

SmartPak decided to set up their post-purchase email to be sent to each of their customers 14 days after purchase, asking that they come back to write a review. To make the request simple for returning customers, SmartPak leveraged their in-house email system and used Bazaarvoice’s Simple Submission URL technology to give purchasers a streamlined path from the email to review submission. The customer response has been overwhelming – their average daily review volume increased by over 605% as a result.

But meeting the challenge of generating ongoing review volume and coverage across their products is only the beginning for SmartPak. They have big plans to continue to promote the voice of the customer in powerful ways throughout their online and offline channels.

“SmartPak is a national retailer focused on serving the needs of an enthusiast audience of horse and dog owners,” said Donnie Steele, SmartPak’s Director of E-Commerce. “Our customers love talking about their animals and the products they use to care for them, so word of mouth is key to our business. Bazaarvoice provides the single-best platform to amplify our customers’ voices as they share their experiences with our unique product offering. While the reviews has been a real boon to our conversion metrics, especially within our core health offering, the verbatim responses and data that we’ve gathered from our customers are so valuable that they’ve been integrated into a number of our marketing channels ranging from paid search, email and even into our catalog. Bazaarvoice has simultaneously given us a competitive advantage and helped to strengthen our community of horse enthusiasts and animal lovers alike.”

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