Another seven weeks has passed, which means we have released another new set of capabilities for Bazaarvoice clients. In most cases, our continuous innovation builds upon requests from clients, and with our SaaS model, these same clients get to benefit from these immediately.

This release focuses on two main needs of our client base:

•    Increase site traffic through SEO and social networks
•    Drive discovery and sales with social merchandising

For a little more detail on each of these, keep reading.

Optimizing search by putting keywords directly in URLs

Keyword density plays a major role in driving natural search traffic, and adding keywords directly into the URL amps up optimization. Adding specific keywords into SearchVoice Microsite or UGC Landing Pages helps increase traffic to these already-search-enhanced pages.

Using Facebook to spread word of mouth

Our Facebook Connect integration lets consumers post reviews, stories, questions or answers directly to their Facebook pages as part of the submission process, increasing the content shared across social networks. Brands still retain complete control over what gets posted and when – whether the content appears once it’s fully moderated, un-moderated snippets are shown, or content is displayed immediately upon submission. So far, no other provider offers these options.

Facebook Connect

Letting customers recommend their favorite products to shoppers in Ask & Answer

Customers can already help each other find the information they need with Ask & Answer. With Social Recommendations, answerers can now post product recommendations directly in their answer, putting the reader one click away from a purchase.

Product Recommendations

Helping shoppers discover new products with input from brands in Stories

Customers have been able to post product recommendations with their stories, and now brands can complement existing stories with their own recommendations, making it easy for customers to purchase.

Client recommendations

This month marks another exciting release for Bazaarvoice, and rest assured we’re already working on our November release. Watch this space for updates every seven weeks – that’s how fast we iterate. And if you’re a Bazaarvoice customer, talk to your Community Manager about implementing these new capabilities.

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