This post is guest written by Vaughan Heilman, Training Team Lead at Bazaarvoice.

Earlier this month, Bazaarvoice introduced the first of a series of “Take Action” webinars designed to provide our clients with social commerce strategies around their user-generated content. It’s essential for companies to have a clear strategy around their social commerce to maximize their online communities.

Our first webinar focused on how companies can deal with reducing overhead without hurting the customer experience. Here are some examples of how UCG can improve customer satisfaction.

First, we recommend looking at critical or negative product Ratings & Reviews. By targeting specific complaints around products through reviews, brands can take action to correct these issues – and even notify customers about the improvement in line with the negative reviews. The public resolution shows you’re listening, and reduces customer contacts about the concern.

Ask & Answer has also been proven to reduce customer care costs. When customers ask questions on a company’s website, these are visible to the entire online community, so the answer helps educate all potential customers – as opposed to a one-time interaction between a customer and a service agent. And providing answers around difficult or technical questions publicly can reduce the number of tech support contacts as a whole. In one case study, a client reduced their support contacts by over 80% on products with three or more answers posted. The graph below shows the relationship between the number of answers verses customer service contacts for certain products.

Client reduces support costs by 81% with Ask & AnswerYou should also mine rejected reviews to uncover customer service issues. Bazaarvoice provides tools to assist in analyzing and responding to customer complaints that are not appropriate for the public brand site. These reviews can target specific problems with processes or products that a company can take action on, and formerly disgruntled customers can become brand advocates when their needs are addressed directly.

Our Take Action webinar series will tackle a variety of ways UGC can help solve business problems, drive sales, and reduce costs. Look for future blogs recapping these informative sessions, created especially for Bazaarvoice clients. They’re just one more way we help our 575+ global clients maximize their UGC investment.

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  1. Basic fundamentals of Lean Management is about reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction..

  2. Basic fundamentals of Lean Management is about reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction..

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