If you’ve ever come across a Bazaarvoice booth at a tradeshow, chances are you spent the rest of the day tagged as “Kind of a Big Deal.”

Get your Badge Flair in Booth 706!Our tradeshow staple Badge Flair has been helping visitors to our booth express themselves since February 2007. Who needs a “Speaker” ribbon when you can sport one demanding “More Cowbell!”? Brightening up a bored (or hungover?) tradeshow attendee’s morning is how we bring a little bit of our Austin culture with us everywhere we go.

Gearing up for this year’s “Biggest Shop.org Annual Summit Ever,” the marketing team put the word out at the office for new badge flair submissions. After 213 submissions from nearly thirty people, our new set of flair was ready for the show. “Case of the Mondays” and “#AWESOME” made the new set at Booth 706, and our VP of Business Development, Brant Barton, took first prize with “Nice Tweets.”

But bringing the atmosphere of our home office on the road isn’t all fun and games. Sure, our company culture wins us awards like Austin’s Best Place to Work, but that doesn’t stop us from taking our booth attendee drivers very seriously.

For example, take our swag at this year’s Shop.org Summit. We devoted weeks to a rigorous screening process, evaluating dozens of various flying animal candidates. In the end, though, the Flying Monkeys were the hands-down favorite. Their scream is the scream of a true Social Commerce Superhero.

That, and the flying pigs just couldn’t pull off the cape.

Connect with the Bazaarvoice team at the show in Booth 706, or schedule a meeting with our executives here.

Get your Social Commerce Superhero in Booth 706!

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