This blog post is guest written by Shawn Gaide, Director of Business Development at Bazaarvoice.

In a release put out by Bazaarvoice partner Strongmail earlier this week, our joint client Footsmart has gotten serious about tying their key marketing technologies together. You can read the full release here.

The highlights are as follows:

  • Coremetrics (also a Bazaarvoice partner) has worked diligently with Strongmail to integrate their Intelligent Offer product into email to deliver product recommendations in order / shipment confirmation emails
  • Once a visitor is brought back to the Footsmart site via the embedded recommendations, they encounter a healthy population of reviews to drive better decision making, ease of conversion, and higher customer satisfaction
  • Following a purchase, Strongmail powers an automated, post-purchase review solicitation email, which has demonstrated a “significant improvement in engagement” for Footsmart
  • These efforts have netted a more than 200% increase in average revenue per email sent, which Footsmart expects will yield a $750K lift in revenues

Footsmart’s story is a very simple demonstration of closed-loop marketing, and it’s great to see partners like Strongmail and Coremetrics working together with Bazaarvoice to ultimately drive sales. It’s this very theme that drives Bazaarvoice Radius – a program designed to broaden the utilization and impact of user-generated content across marketing technologies and service providers. Launched last year, the Radius program has gained significant momentum in the number of member partners, the integrations Radius now supports, and the innovative products and features created through our partners’ commitment to social commerce.

Keep an eye out for a more detailed update on Radius in the coming weeks, and how Bazaarvoice clients can take advantage of the program. For now, our hats off to Footsmart, Strongmail, and Coremetrics.

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