While designing this year’s Bazaarvoice holiday card, we wanted something more participatory than a traditional “Happy Holidays from Bazaarvoice.” Our clients use our products to start conversations with their customers; we wanted to use our holiday card to start a conversation with you.


What’s more conversational than your holiday stories? We want to hear about your funniest gift, your worst travel experience, your favorite recipe, your most touching family moment – whatever story you feel like sharing with us.

But here’s the catch – you have to tell your story in 140 characters or less. Tweet us your stories on Twitter with the hashtag #bvhs between now and December 31st. We’ll choose the best tweets and post one a day to our Holiday Card page, coming soon. Each winner will receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks and a chance at the grand prize – a $500 AMEX card.

Here are a few examples for inspiration:

  • Wrapped all of our gifts before driving to Phoenix so the kids would be surprised. Left them under the tree at home. #bvhs
  • Got Mom a parka for the awful winters in Michigan. Next morning she announced she’s retiring to Florida. Always get gift receipts. #bvhs
  • Spent our first holiday together in a wooded cabin, nothing but the snow surrounding us. Peaceful bliss after a hectic wedding. #bvhs
  • Age 14: got a TV for my room… I had to share with my brother. The argument lasted well into the new year! #bvhs

For more inspiration (and a good laugh), see what others have already submitted by searching #bvhs. Be sure to follow @Bazaarvoice on Twitter.

If you are running social campaigns, we highly recommend putting the resulting content to work to drive engagement and conversion on your website. To learn more about how you can do just that with our new Curations offering, download our latest whitepaper: Selling With Social: How Social Curation Drives Engagement and Sales

Happy holidays from all of us on the Bazaarvoice team!

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