We’ve reached that time of year when everyone looks back. The lists of the year’s Trending Twitter Topics and Most Googled Words have made their rounds. Here’s a look at the Bazaarblog posts that topped 2009.

10. New “Participation Chain” White Paper – Tying contributions together to gain deeper customer engagement… and results! My white paper with Ze Frank explored the cycle of engagement brands should employ to keep the customer conversation going. You can download the full white paper here.

9. How one man got a whole mob dancing. A video from the Sasquatch Music Festival illustrated the ideal growth cycle of an online community.

8. Bazaarvoice Named #1 Place to Work. The Austin Business Journal recognized Bazaarvoice as the Best Place to Work.

7. “Bad” reviews are good for your brand. I addressed a common point of hesitation for brands considering embracing UGC – the fear of negative feedback.

6. Argos UK sets new Bazaarvoice record for number of submissions in one day! Our biggest European client doubled our previous submission record, thanks to an effective holiday review strategy.

5. The “Man Purse” in ‘The Hangover’. Our CEO Brett Hurt found humor in the very highly-rated “man purse” featured in Warner Brothers’ The Hangover.

4. Rubbermaid Improves Customer Experience through Ratings & Reviews. Manager of eMarketing & Brand Communications at Rubbermaid shared the brand’s strategy toward negative reviews.

3. Leadership Themes from My Talk at The Wharton School. Brett highlighted the key leadership themes from his talk at his alma mater.

2. Social media drives sales — if you know how to use it. I discussed the ways brands should use social media to drive real sales results – not just number of fans.

1. Netflix vs. Blockbuster: Round Four (Lights Out?). Brett analyzed the word-of-mouth lessons learned from Netflix’s (won?) battle with Blockbuster.

2010 promises to be a defining year for social commerce, so stay tuned to Bazaarblog. Happy New Year from all of us at Bazaarvoice!

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