Mighty Leaf TeaTea time for Mighty Leaf Tea shoppers just got social.

The specialty artisan tea manufacturer is using Ratings & Reviews to connect the authentic opinions of customers with tea lovers everywhere. Reviews on product pages create an engaged community of tea-philes centered around the products, rather than a “cul-de-sac community” disconnected from the ecommerce experience at MightyLeaf.com, says Bliss Dake, VP eCommerce and Operations. You can read more from Bliss in our accompanying press release.

In combination with reviews, Mighty Leaf uses profiles to help shoppers find the most relevant reviews for them. Reviewer profiles contain information on the contributor like “health/activity level,” “favorite flavor of tea,” and “favorite time of day for tea.” Reviews also include pro/con tags for products, like “unique flavor profile” or “high quality.” In combination, shoppers can use tags and profiles to find products with the most desirable attributes and read reviews from the most relevant contributors.


Say, for example, a shopper is looking for a relaxing tea to end her work day. She can select the provided tags like “great aroma” or user-generated tags like “relaxing.” Through these tags she may find Mighty Leaf’s Calming Moon herbal tea, and choose to read reviews.


When one review suggests it’s the perfect tea after a stressful day, she may click to read the reviewer’s profile. There she’d find that the reviewer has written four other reviews, and that his favorite time of day for tea is just before bed.

Reviewer ProfileTrusting the reviewer’s expertise, and noting that his needs match hers, the shopper can be confident in her decision to purchase Calming Moon.

Connecting shoppers with the most relevant reviews for them, especially for products they are passionate about, gives them the confidence they need to make informed purchase decisions. Profiles help Mighty Leaf Tea connect their tea-loving customers to the best teas for their needs.

2 Responses to “Mighty Leaf Tea connects tea fanatics to others like them”

  1. chantelle

    Green tea passion is ok, I had some rainforest mate last week and became violently ill. I Opened one of the other sachets that is supposedly “sealed” only to have a cockroach run out. Never buying this again

  2. Jane smith

    There is very little American about this product.

    It is manufactured in North Africa, near Libya using cheap slave labour.

    Will not be buying it again – there are better “American produced” products I would rather put my money to.

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