100 billion impressionsBrett and Sam shared their perspectives on the importance of hitting the milestone of 100 billion impressions of UGC served by our platform. This milestone is meaningful to our customers, our company, and the industry as a whole. For my team, however, this milestone is an especially important reminder of just how critical partners have been to the success of Bazaarvoice and the many mutual customers that we share with them.

As you can see on the Partners section of our website, we keep the best company in our industry. We recognized the strategic value of building a partner ecosystem very early in the process of founding Bazaarvoice and launching our first product, Ratings & Reviews. However, the many colorful logos of our partners tend to obscure and depersonalize the close personal relationships that make those partnerships work. Over the years, many of our counterparts at partner companies have become personal friends. Conversations may end with talk of action items and target dates, but they begin with talk of family, highlights from recent vacations, and live music (Craig, our friend at Sapient, always has a story to share!).

The very best partnerships are built on trust, transparency, and shared values – all things that are very real at an individual and personal level but somewhat abstract at a corporate level. The individual and personal relationships with our partners are the ones we truly cherish. They make our work fun and rewarding, especially when we can see how our actions, as a business partner, positively impact our friends and colleagues on the other side.

I am very proud of the partner company that Bazaarvoice keeps, but I am more grateful for the individuals that have believed in our vision, championed our cause (inside and out of their own companies), and come to see us as more than just business associates. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. With your continued partnership and friendship, we look forward to hitting the 1 trillion impressions milestone in just a few short years!

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