100 billion impressionsI get a little misty-eyed when I think about how transformational our actions, as consumers, have become. Rare is the case where you meet someone who doesn’t rely on others’ opinions, stories, experiences, and recommendations when shopping for products or researching service providers like dentists and daycares online. And as you may have read, Bazaarvoice hit 100 billion user-generated impressions served last week.

We as consumers are sharing opinions online at a rate far greater than in the physical world. While that may not seem like a stop-the-Wordpress kind of statement, let’s look at some numbers. Each of those 100 billion impressions represents a time a consumer was exposed to opinions… regardless of how many opinions were expressed. If you figure that a typical exposure contains 10 ideas – be they questions, answers, product reviews, stories, photos, etc. – then you’re looking at 1 trillion (yes, trillion) opinions shared. That’s 170 opinions for every living person on earth, and about 600 opinions for everyone who’s wired today.

That’s just the content Bazaarvoice’s 750 clients are pumping through their websites. When you expand the lens to all opinions shared through all other social commerce channels (and not to mention social networks) you’re looking at some staggering numbers, where every single person in the world is getting at least one opinion, every day, wired or not.

Virtual has clearly surpassed physical in volume, and when you consider the reach of our digital opinions – where shoppers in South Korea are helping those in Ireland – we have long surpassed what the physical world could have granted us. Forward-thinking brands and consumers, together, have changed the face of commerce forever. I extend a heartfelt thank you to our customers, partners, and all consumers who are helping advance the reach of social commerce and its impact on our everyday lives.

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