100 billion impressionsAs the members of our exec team have blogged throughout the week, Bazaarvoice reached a fantastic milestone Sunday when we served up out 100 billionth user-generated content impressions served. With the counter on our homepage ticking every time a consumer is exposed to opinions – regardless of how many opinions are served – that 100 billion mark represents a fundamental shift in the way the world shops.

Our exec team took this chance to share their reactions to our biggest milestone to date.

The “hidden” impact of 100 billion: the new textbook. I shared my thoughts on the radically changing nature of marketing, and dedicated my post to some of the most dramatic changes I’ve seen clients make through UGC these past five years.

100 billion & climbing, thanks to our partners. Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Brant Barton reflected on the role our Radius Partners have played in reaching this landmark.

B2B, B2C… 100 billion C2C (client to customer) interactions! Our Chief Operations Officer Heather Brunner shared an open thank-you letter to our clients.

10 reasons why 100 billion impressions matter to you. CMO Sam Decker explained the significance of our milestone for marketers and brands alike.

A behind-the-scenes look at hosting 100 billion impressions. Chief Technology Officer Andy Maag took this chance to thank the Bazaarvoice Engineering Team and our trusted vendor partners who’ve made our exponential growth over the past five years possible.

What are 100,000,000,000 impressions worth? Chief Revenue Officer Michael Osborne uses some slightly hyberpolic math to determine what this number could really be worth.

One hundred billion. That’s a big number, even for Congress. Our Chief Product Officer Mike Svatek broke down the numbers, reflecting on word-of-mouth’s incredible volume and reach in the digital age.

The short five years leading up to this milestone have been simultaneously humbling and pride-filled. As we approach our anniversary in May, we’re all looking forward to the next 100 billion.

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