Free PeopleAs our CMO Sam Decker put it in his recent article in DMNews, “Email infused with authentic customer opinions adds a level of credibility and engagement that is seldom matched by other types of content.” The article features successful UGC-fueled email campaigns from Boden, Urban Outfitters and eSpares. And our recent blog post featured several client stories of transactional emails driving unexpected revenue.

Another client has found sales success in a UGC-powered email campaign. We’ve recognized Free People before for their innovative use of the customer voice in email – in a past campaign they recognized their Top Reviewers, and drove a 93% increase in review volume as a result.

This time the apparel and accessories retailer featured top-rated products, and saw conversion increases at both the product and category level.

Customer Favorites emailThe campaign

In late December, Free People launched a “Customer Favorites” campaign featuring seven top-rated products in an email to their subscribers. The email featured star ratings and review snippets for each of the products, with the tagline, “Gifts she’ll love… because she told us so.” A “See all top-rated gifts” button led readers to the Customer Favorites category page on Free People’s site.

The results

The email drove fantastic results at both the product and category level. On the day of the email, average sales for five of the featured products spiked to 71% above what they were the day before, with sales for one product increasing 150% over the previous day’s sales. And the results were even more dramatic at the category level, with sales in the Customer Favorites category 200% higher than category sales the day prior.

A recent video from GOOD magazine states that the highest performing businesses use customer insights in 80% of sales and merchandising. Infusing UGC throughout all of your marketing efforts – be they email, paid search, or traditional media – puts the voice of your customers to work for your brand to drive real business results.

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  1. The link “93% increase in review volume” is broken.

    I’m not surprised at all. Ever since UO online has added customer reviews to their site, I have found myself spending much more time browsing and purchasing items with good ratings (and not ones with poor or no ratings).

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