RubbermaidNewell Rubbermaid continues to stand out as a leader in Social strategy among consumer packaged goods companies. We’ve shared several stories of Rubbermaid’s success with user-generated content on our blog. Bert DuMars, VP of E-Business & Interactive Marketing at Newell Rubbermaid, was recently interviewed on Fast Company’s Expert Blog as well, where he shared his perspective on how listening to consumers is keeping the century old company successful in the digital age. Our upcoming CPG manufacturer webinar will explore Rubbermaid’s success more in depth.

Webinar RegisterIn the interview, Bert discusses Newell’s shift in corporate strategy to be more customer-centric. In the past, retailers were always considered the “customer,” but recently the brand’s focus has moved to their end users, the consumer. This shift has created a need for communication between the brand and consumers, as Newell looks for ways to listen to end users and identify ways to better satisfy their needs and wants.

Brett DuMars
Bert DuMars, VP E-Business & Interactive Marketing, Rubbermaid

The brand opens this communication on through customer reviews. As we saw in a recent case study, Rubbermaid has successfully leveraged UGC to increase conversion, average order value and revenue. Additionally, the brand uses this real-time feedback to identify issues they can respond to or fix, bringing customer oxygen into their manufacturing processes.

Bert points to Rubbermaid’s “Produce Saver” product as a specific example of how the brand is getting closer to consumers through digital technology. As Jim Deitzel, Manager of e-Marketing for Rubbermaid, shared in an earlier blog interview, Rubbermaid identified an information gap with this flagship product after noticing it was receiving several 1-star reviews. After reading the reviews, it became clear that consumers weren’t using the product properly, and were understandably disappointed with its performance.

Rubbermaid immediately put additional usage information on the product page, and wrote on a blog post on how to use the Produce Saver for best results. Today, the Produce Saver has an average rating of 4.6 stars, and 92% of customers would recommend it to a friend! Bert told Fast Company, “Previous to having online customer reviews, we might not have known about this issue, and negative word-of-mouth buzz could have caused our retailers to return the product. Instead, we quickly identified the issue and created a solution.”

We’re excited to partner with such an innovative and customer-centric manufacturer. Our upcoming webinar with Bert and Carole Irgang, President of Red Shoes Marketing and previous SVP of Integrated Marketing Communications at Kraft Foods, will share real-world insights how CPG brands can capitalize on this digital era.

Tune in to learn:

  • Successful social strategies for CPGs
  • Real returns and metrics for CPG brands
  • How to create your own CPG social strategy
  • How to get buy-in for “social” inside your organization

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
1:00pm – 2:00pm

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