WanimoAs a leading online pet supply retailer in France (think PETCO or PetSmart in the US), Wanimo serves a loyal customer base of passionate French pet enthusiasts. Seeking to connect this passion with the brand and increase customer engagement, Wanimo launched Wanimo Buzz, encouraging pet owners to interact on the brand’s ecommerce site through customer reviews.

Wanimo Buzz offers customers the chance to share their opinions with other fervent pet owners, connecting shoppers to people they can trust – customers “like them” who share a love for their pets. “As soon as we offered our users the opportunity to express themselves on our products, they did it immediately, without waiting for us to promote it online,” said Florence Lepage, Marketing Director for Wanimo. “It is as if they had been waiting for this new service to launch for a long time.”

For a market with such an enthusiastic customer base, UGC was a natural fit. “Pet accessories have a strong emotional tie for pet owners, and they love to share their experiences,” said Florence. “In the beginning, we were getting about 15 reviews per day. Ratings & Reviews has allowed us to see which are our top-rated products and which are less liked. Since we started promoting Wanimo Buzz, we have been receiving about 25 reviews per day.”

And shoppers exposed to opinions from these enthusiasts in turn engage more. Wanimo found that shoppers who clicked to read or write a review spent 181% more time on site than visitors who didn’t interact with reviews. Review-engaged shoppers also converted 85% more often, and spent 68% more per order.

BV ResearchEngage your most passionate customers.

Review-engaged shoppers convert 85% more often for Wanimo. See the full results in our case study.

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