logo_clickzThe organizations that make the most from user-generated content are the ones that don’t just use customer input to increase sales. The real gains come to companies that extend the voice of the customer throughout the entire organization.

So how do you accomplish this? Bazaarvoice CMO Sam Decker shared some insights with ClickZ readers in his May 4 article, “Does Your Company Breathe ‘Customer Oxygen’?”

Tips on integrating customer oxygen throughout the enterprise:

  1. Traditional research is important, but not enough. While focus groups and surveys uncover important insights, but the learnings tend to fade as your team gets back to the day-to-day grind. Instead, let user-generated content a regular, ongoing part of your corporate strategy.
  2. Embrace user-generated content on your site. Don’t think of consumer-generated content as just another feature on your website. After a few months – and a few thousand pieces of content – this feedback becomes a rich dataset that can drive all types of decisions across the organization.
  3. Democratize actionable data. Share the wealth; put the content and the data in the hands of employees, peers, and executives. Help them understand how they can take action on it in daily decisions. Then share success stories with the rest of the teams.

Take a minute to read the ClickZ article, then let us know: How does your organization use “customer oxygen” across the business?

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