With all of the exciting ways our clients benefit from social commerce, it’s great to have a chance to recognize the innovators. At last month’s Social Commerce Summit, we took the opportunity to recognize some of our client partners that are truly revolutionizing commerce and driving their businesses forward through the voice of the customer. Here are this year’s Social Commerce Award winners.

Alex Gruzen, Stuart Wallock, Manish Mehta from Dell, with Sam Decker

Customer Oxygen Award: Dell. I continue to be inspired by how Dell uses customer-generated content to transform their products and marketing. The product development and marketing teams use reviews – both positive and negative – to continually improve the overall customer experience with every product. The customer experience team at Dell uses UGC to transform the way the company does business, putting feedback generated by real customers at the center of many product and merchandising decisions.

Social Commerce Play of the Year: Samsung. Samsung implemented BrandAnswers to answer shopper questions across our network of retailers, and they took it a step further by creating online personalities to provide expert answers online: Mr. and Mrs. Samsung. The move has since become a best practice in the industry, and when Mr. or Mrs. Samsung answers a question, people ask twice as many questions,  suggesting that as a brand engages with its community, the community becomes more engaged as a result.

Tanja Zelko and James Connellfrom Roots accepting their award.

Rookie of the Year (Retail): Roots Canada. Roots hit the ground running with social commerce, launching Ratings & Reviews, Ask & Answer, Stories and MobileVoice in their first year as a client. They also churned out several innovative contests to gather content – then spread this content across every channel, featuring reviews on site, via mobile, in print, and in stores.

BSCA's Jason Wang accepts the award.

Rookie of the Year (New Verticals): Blue Shield of California.

I’m especially impressed by BSCA, a first mover in the health care industry to empower the voice of the customer. Brands in highly-regulated industries can be hesitant to adopt user-generated content, but BSCA has embraced transparency, enabling their members to share their feedback and help others like them buy. The company has created a conversation spot for members as well, where they can ask and answer each others’ questions regarding allergies, diet/food/nutrition, women’s health, first aid, and more.

Social Commerce MVP: Best Buy. Always one of our most innovative clients, Best Buy has formed a comprehensive social strategy for their social commerce goals that spans beyond our platform and into all of their social media efforts. One interesting innovation is their Fact Tags on TVs, which display average weekly star rating and number of reviews. These tags prompt visitors to text for more information, from which they can visit Best Buy’s mobile site where they can view reviews. Led by Senior BestBuy.com Capability Manager Dan Halsey, they have also implemented reviews at the store level, from which managers can act to improve the customer experience at their specific location. Across Facebook, forums, Twitter, the mobile site, the ecommerce site, in print ads, and even in stores, Best Buy has integrated social in ways that drive real business results for the brand – the definition of social commerce.

We’re so proud to partner with these pioneering brands in this transformational time in our industry. Social is truly revolutionizing commerce, and brands like these and many more of our clients are creating this change.

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  1. Great article, and great thinkers to be using social media to develop loyal customers. Of course, this is the tip of the coming ice berg, since companies are just babes in the tweeting, and social community world.

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