Erik Qualman’s book and videos are fantastic, but he wouldn’t want you to take his word for it. Socialnomics didn’t reach the top of Amazon’s Best Selling list as a result of a massive PR or ad blitz. People like Anne Egros carried it there, just by telling others about it:

Stephanie Gehman probably heard about it through a tweet like Anne’s. She picked it up, finished it in a few sittings and spread the love:

His Social Media Revolution video didn’t reach 2,000,000 views because people found it on their own 2,000,000 times. They were led there by people that chose to hit the Share button, and they chose to do the same. Or maybe they saw it in presentations by Chad Sour:

Holly Hoffman adds the connective tissue between three of Erik’s projects by promoting them together in this tweet to her 2,100+ followers:

This is social commerce in action: Consumers sharing their recommendations online, and letting other voices inform their decisions. Erik’s book, videos and blog are finding us through our social networks.

Erik Qualman’s leadership in social commerce aligns perfectly with the word of mouth ideas at the core of our business here at Bazaarvoice.

That’s why I’m extremely excited to announce that Erik will be joining our board of advisors! Here’s what he has to say about the team-up:

As I discuss in my #1 Best Seller Socialnomics, in the near future, just as we no longer search for the news – the news finds us, we will no longer search for products and services, rather they will find us via social media.  Bazaarvoice is the leader in this new Social Commerce space and it’s exciting for me to work with them to help revolutionize the way we buy products and services.

Check out our official press release for more details, and be sure to watch this video of Erik discussing social commerce at TEDx 2010:

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  1. Glad you liked it, Anne. SM Revolution 2.0 is an incredible follow up. We wanted to embed nearly every excellent Youtube video Erik is involved with, but that would take a couple posts!

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