The non-profit industry is one of giving and sharing, making UGC especially resonant for charitable causes. The V Foundation is truly embracing word of mouth with their social media efforts to connect people around the world through a common mission – to find a cure for cancer. Their campaign this summer rallies supporters around Leukemia, with an end goal of raising $1M for the Fund A Need grant to help support leukemia research.

Here are three ways UGC will help the V Foundation and other non-profits connect with patrons.

1. Real, emotional stories drive non-profit giving.

Real stories from the people closest to a charitable cause personify the effort. Stories of disease survivors, personal loss, how an organization changed a life, etc. show potential patrons where their donations are going and who they’re helping. Give your organization a face by enabling your founders, patrons, and those whom you’ve helped to share their stories and interact with each other online. Visitors to the V Foundation website rated one mother’s story, “How Jimmy V affected my son’s life,” the most inspirational story submitted.

User-submitted stories put a face to your cause.

2. Easy submission and sharing turns patrons into evangelists.

Storytellers spread their stories to their own networks, encouraging friends and family to give. These stories from friends and family reach people on a much deeper and more personal level. Giving is a community effort; empower your patrons to recruit their networks to your cause by making their content easily sharable. The V Foundation enables contributors to share their stories on Facebook and Twitter with a single click.

3. Participation chains bring passionate patrons back with new ways to give.

Giving doesn’t have to start with a check. Spark a relationship with new site visitors with easy ways to contribute – the first step can be as simple as voting for a story or sharing it with social networks. Grow this relationship by encouraging interaction between visitors and new ways to share, such as commenting or Q&A.

Visitors can vote for and comment on others’ stories. Click to enlarge image.
Right-nav of V Foundation e-newsletter

Once you’ve engaged your visitors, invite them to share their own story or donate to the cause. Continue to grow this relationship with patrons with new UGC campaigns, offering new ways to interact and give.

The V Foundation has a planned social media strategy for the summer, which includes customer-created stories, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and video. Each step in their strategy connects readers to other patrons, bringing contributors back to the campaign to encourage further giving and sharing.

The V Foundation’s social approach to giving connects their patrons to each other, the Foundation, and their joined mission to fight cancer. Charitable causes everywhere stand to benefit from the word of mouth UGC brings.

Let’s get social and fight cancer!

The V Foundation Fund a Need grant has donated over $7.2 million to various types of cancer research since 2005. Donate to this summer’s grant to help find a cure for Leukemia.

For more information, visit the V Foundation campaign website.

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