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This year’s WOMMA Summit was refreshingly relevant to those of us that have seen enough presentations on “Social Media 101” and “Selling Social Media to the C-Suite”. The content was more advanced, data-backed and actionable than one normally finds at other events, and the attendees came ready to learn, ask questions and establish meaningful relationships that are built to last beyond happy hour. In a multi-part post, I’m going to share some of the best insights from the presentations that had people buzzing using my favorite Twitter curation tool, Keepstream.

Josh Bernoff, SVP, Idea Development at Forrester, is a name that’s likely already familiar to you. Bernoff shared some of the core ideas from his new book, Empowered :

Ian Greenleigh
@jbernoff from #womma summit: “empower employees to solve cust. problems” sounds so intuitive but seldom the reality.
Ian Greenleigh Twelpforce was highlighted as one of the few and best examples of this. Bernoff shared a story about how one helpful experience with Twelpforce led him to visit Best Buy (a Bazaarvoice client) and purchase far more than he had originally intended to. It also landed them a prime spot in his presentation and new book, Empowered. True to their real-time reputation, as soon as audience members began tweeting about Twelpforce, they responded with several thank you messages.
#WOMMA @Jbernoff says ratings and reviews have the highest share of “influence posts” – more than blogs and discussion boards
Ian Greenleigh Bernoff describes “influence posts” as “blog posts, blog comments, discussion forum posts, and ratings and reviews” in which “a person influences another person online about a product or service.” Ratings and reviews make up 32% of these influence posts, more than any other type.
@jbernoff says the marketing funnel doesn’t end with customers. Each customer is a potential influencer. #WOMMA
Ian Greenleigh In an interview with Crain’s Chicago Business (, Bernoff explains that “there is no end point” to the marketing funnel anymore. Companies tend to place far more emphasis on broadcasting their own messaging to their target audience than pleasing their current customers. The latter is far more effective marketing.
Realize that every customer is going to talk, thus customer service is marketing. –@jbernoff, #womma
Ian Greenleigh I know I’m “tweeting my own horn” here, but this summary was retweeted many times because it makes sense and requires little explanation. Brands cannot control the message with traditional marketing strategies, and the customer is now in control. Making them happy is the best marketing a company can do!
“Your organization is completely defenseless if you do not have a social presence” @jbernoff #WOMMA / 100% Agree!
Ian Greenleigh How many of the 500 billion annual conversations about products and services are about your brand? Without a social presence, effectively responding to the negative and amplifying the positive is impossible. There’s no excuse anymore, guys. Join the conversation that’s already happening.

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