As our 2011 Social Commerce Summit draws nearer, I wanted to feature some of our speakers in brief, three-question interviews related to the talks they’ll be giving. We’ll kick it off with social technology expert and industry analyst Jeremiah Owyang, who will be giving a keynote on Tuesday, April 5th. Here’s the brief for his talk, followed by the interview:

@jowyangBuilding Your Social Strategy: Prioritizing the Coming Year

While social continues to rapidly evolve, how do brands plan for the coming year or two? What trends will (or should) guide you? Most important: As things continue to change, how do you know where to focus? Leading analyst Jeremiah Owyang guides you in building a social strategy that helps your brand make the most of what’s here now and what’s next.

In your Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist report, you describe the steps that strategists can take to achieve “escape velocity,” instead of relegation to the “social media help desk.” While it’s obvious why a strategist will want to achieve this advanced professional state, what is the compelling value to the strategist’s employer?


Strategists must quickly leverage the crowd (both employees and customers) as their resources remain relatively flat even from intermediate to advanced maturity — they have no choice to scale and be efficient. See this report for similar findings.

Are there any trends in enterprise social media adoption or acceleration that make you cringe? Why?


Any companies who blindly link to Twitter or Facebook from their corporate website is doing themselves a disservice.  After investing millions of dollars over the past 10-15 years to get customers to come to their corporate website, they are undoing these investments.

Companies who link to Facebook or Twitter from their corporate websites are undoing years of marketing investment — instead, aggregate.

You discuss the delta between “compounding demands on social strategists” and the average enterprise’s spend on social business in your latest report. Prioritization aside, how can businesses better align their budgets with growing social business demands? Do you foresee budget catching up with demand any time soon?


Budget is woefully behind consumer adoption, let alone business unit adoption.  I don’t expect budgets to catch up, we only foresee single digit growth across most of the 12 go to market programs we surveyed against in 2011.  This proves that strategists must focus even more on scalable programs.

Interested in the kinds of insights you’ll see at this year’s event? Get the 2010 Social Commerce Trends Report now, and be sure to visit the SCS 2011 website for the lineup of presenting brands and futurists.

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