In April, thought leaders in marketing, social, and business shared their predictions and advice at Social Commerce Summit 2011. Executives from some of the world’s best brands came together with social experts like Clay Shirky and Jeremiah Owyang to discuss social commerce, and how it’s changing business.

Download ReportThe big ideas they shared will inspire the next phase of social innovation, but don’t take my word for it. To mark the release of our 2011 Social Commerce Trends Report, here are four of the most sharable ideas from the Summit, as told from attendee tweets.

Social has fundamentally changed marketing (and will continue to)


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Your brand is what your customers say it is


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Nurture your customers to create your own advocates


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[blackbirdpie url=”!/naja2183/status/55268163524370432″]


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Listen in real time to anticipate new customer needs


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The Summit was brimming with big ideas for companies in social. We’ve gathered the best into our Social Commerce Trends Report 2011. Download the report to find out what’s next.

Download Report


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