One of the most fascinating things I’ve been able to study since working here is the way large enterprises view their key technology providers as long-term partners with shared goals. The technology providers that are most successful in serving the enterprise focus obsessively on the relentless delivery of value after the sale. This understanding inevitably led me to ask: in this age of advanced technology and automation, in what areas do human experts continue to deliver the most impactful value for their clients?

It’s a big question, but the work of Mark Riggs and his team are certainly part of the answer. As Chief Client Officer, Mark leads our Client Services team, which aims to help our clients get the most measurable value out of our work with them. I wanted to dig a little deeper, and his answers to my questions do not disappoint.

What are your team’s core goals?


The goals we strive to achieve are:

  • Maximize client usage of products and solutions
  • Increase content volume via consumer touch points and design best practices
  • Drive customer and product insights into our clients’ ecosystems
  • Ensure we meet or exceed our clients’ expected value

What is your leadership philosophy, and how does it manifest in your work in Client Services?


To provide directional leadership and encourage healthy change.   The teams have organizationally changed more over the course of a year than most services groups within product companies have changed in 2-3 yrs.  Truly a testament to both the strength and versatility of my group!

What are the key ingredients of productive long-term relationships between large enterprise customers and SaaS companies like ours?


The ‘Service’ in Software-as-a-Service is about being strategic.  The single key ingredient in building productive long-term relationships with large enterprise customers is being regarded by them as social thought leaders and trusted advisors in this rapidly changing social environment.

Which attributes do you look for in candidates for positions within Client Services?


  • A cultural fit with both the team and company
  • A leader that will always ‘raise the bar’
  • A consummate professional
  • A believer in team success above their own

What’s the single most important piece of advice you would give to a company looking to set up their own successful Client Services organization?


Do not treat it as purely a delivery organization like most companies do.  Treat it as a strategic growth driver of the business and incent everyone to drive top line growth.

If you woke up tomorrow and had just one email from a client in your inbox, what would you like it to say?


Thanking me for the bad ass team that drove measurable results well beyond their expectations.

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2 Responses to “Relationships can’t be automated (and human expertise still rules)”

  1. It’s not always smart vs. dumb; it’s often that they need your guidance to come to these realizations. 

  2. Ceydatech

    I like it, however sometimes our clients aren’t smart enough to get it!

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