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Media Multitasking Brings Challenges and Opportunities for Marketers 


Consumers today frequently multitask with media on different devices. Last year, US adults consumed over 11 hours of media per day, double-counting for simultaneous usage. Multitasking doesn’t always mean distraction, though. While watching TV, 16% of respondents go to websites for companies who advertise, and 19% view content related to what they’re watching. Another study found 19% of smartphone and tablet owners use their devices to seek more information related to TV commercials.


Takeaway: Multitasking consumers make it more important than ever to deliver real relevance and value in advertising. Rather than directing ad viewers to a generic, unrelated brand site, send them to a microsite that complements the original ad. Are there opportunities for branded second-screen experiences to accompany the TV shows during which you advertise? For example, an apparel retailer could host online fashion polls and discussions around the clothing featured on a popular show.


29% of in-store mobile researchers wind up buying online


A recent study finds 29% of consumers who research a product on their smartphone while in a store end up purchasing the item online. Younger shoppers are most likely to research on smartphones while in stores: 25% of consumers age 18-29 have recently, along with 26% age 30-39, 12% age 40-49, 6% age 50-59, and 2% age 60+. When asked why they made their purchase where they did, 67% said price, 14% availability, 8% product features, 7% free shipping, and 4% because they were already at the store.


Takeaway: “Showrooming” – the shopper practice of researching products hands-on in stores, then buying online – is growing concern for retailers. Brick-and-mortar stores must now compete with non-local online sellers like Amazon. To capture more online sales, encourage your in-store shoppers to research via your branded mobile app, and make it easy to find more information and buy. Be sure to offer consistent pricing across channels.


B2B Marketers Optimistic About Social Media for Lead Generation


A recent survey of B2B marketers and agency professionals found that 59% view lead generation as their greatest challenge online. Only 13% said social contributed the most qualified leads, compared to a whopping 57% for email. And while 30% say their email programs are “well-optimized,” only 5% felt the same about their social programs. Still, the majority (55%) said their early-stage social efforts show promise.


Takeaways: Social is especially useful in the ongoing relationship building and dialogue that drive successful B2B partner-client connections. And as my colleague Ian Greenleigh puts it, social offers a “side door” to connect with higher-up decision makers at potential client businesses. Since B2Bs can learn from and emulate B2Cs’ social efforts before them, expect social-for-B2B to follow an even steeper adoption curve than other industries.


From #SXSW: For community managers, it’s always personal


A group of technology and nonprofit social professionals discussed community management at last week’s South by Southwest Interactive panel, “Social Media Boundaries: Personal/Personnel Policy.” One great tip: decide upfront who will be the face of your brand’s community, and how much personal information they’ll share in tandem with brand messages.


Takeaway: The tips match what leading social brands already know: the type of relationship your community manager forms with consumers should be consistent your brand. Emotional, human brands like CPGs may benefit from a more personal touch, where community managers share their personal thoughts and experiences alongside branded content. Less relatable brands, like a utility company, may not reach the same personal level. No matter your brand, focus on delivering content valuable to the community – interesting stats or stories, consumer opinions, deals, how-to’s, recipes, etc.


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  1. multitasking is always dangerous just concentrate on one thing then u will get sucess its all stuff by combining all work together and getting confused

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