The chaos of social, rapid business change, shortening attention spans, and the decreasing shelf life of online content – these trends make it easy to miss great stories buried in the noise. Here are a few articles we’ve recently found interesting. Share articles you enjoy with us on Twitter at @Bazaarvoice.

The Secrets Of Generation Flux: How brilliantly managed chaos sparks success inside Nike, Box, Cisco, Foursquare, Intuit, and more
by Robert Safian for Fast Company

From Erin Nelson, CMO: “Managing mental plasticity, reveling in paradox, thriving in chaos and seizing FIO (Figure It Out) jobs. Business is changing too fast to stick to what you know – no one is trained in today’s leading trends, so you just have to figure it out as you go. Fantastic traits from some of the most adaptive and successful leaders out there, chronicled by Fast Company’s Bob Safian in his Generation Flux series. Simply terrific.”

Forget the E-Wallet – It’s Apple’s Passbook That Will Transform Retail
by Krishna Subramanian for AdAge

From Ian Greenleigh, Manager of Content & Social Strategy: “I’m reminded of the Flash wars. Apple was constantly admonished for not supporting Flash, but they were able to convince people that it was not the future of mobile, and now this may happen again with NFC (Near-Field Communication). Does that mean Passbook is the new HTML5 in this comparison? It’s all about adoption. I’m not convinced that a few big-name brands and retailers rolling out cool Passbook-supported apps will move the needle much yet. What Passbook does have going for it, though, is utility—and utility is adoption’s best friend.”

Marketers Deploy, Measure ‘Non-Promotional’ Content
via eMarketer

From Tara DeMarco, Social Strategist: “Content marketing is gaining momentum, and with good reason. Consumers are no longer a captive audience; “carpet bombing” (simply spraying your marketing at as many eyeballs as possible, and hoping it connects with a small percentage) is no longer a valid strategy. To reach consumers in a world where millions of media vie for their attention requires making them want to listen. Enter content marketing that invites consumers in by being helpful, entertaining, educational, inspiring. Nine in ten marketers now measure the success of their content marketing based on social engagement, and it makes sense: if people are talking about and sharing your content, you’ve done your job.”

Women Shouldn’t Be Wasting Time on a ‘Nice vs. Mean’ Debate
by Wendy Clark for AdAge

From Erin Nelson, CMO: “Terrific post from the always awesome Wendy Clark, SVP of Marketing at Coca-Cola. She’s right – we’re wasting time with the wrong conversation and a no-win construct about whether being nice or mean drives business success for women. It’s about great leadership, no matter the gender. ‘It’s highly unlikely that any men are having a discussion about being a gent or a jerk in business.’ Amen, and let’s move on.”

Walgreens on Social, Local, & Mobile: Q&A with Zach West
featuring Zach West, Digital Strategist for Walgreens, via Heartland Mobile Council

From Tara DeMarco, Social Strategist: “Walgreens is using SoLoMo – that’s social, local, and mobile – to seriously improve their customer experience. The retailer recognizes that the mobile experience shouldn’t simply be a reflection of the website. Combining mobile with location-based services gives brands new opportunities to meet different customer needs – in the case of Walgreens, allowing consumers to refill prescriptions and print photos from their smartphone at their nearest Walgreens using the app. And Walgreens brings reviews into their mobile offering as well, letting consumers communicate and share opinions around the brand.”


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