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Home Depot ramps up mobile spend
By Mark Walsh for Online Media Daily

Home Depot has been a leader in converging its online and offline presence through mobile. The home improvement retailer fully recognizes that no one shops in isolation in their stores – they’re connected to all of the information available on products through mobile. As a result, the retailer is active in its mobile efforts, aiming to tie together online and in-store shopping. Last year about a third of the company’s traffic came through mobile devices. The main Home Depot app features an interior map for each of the retailer’s 2,000 stores, along with voice-activated assistance.

Most notable is the app’s barcode scanner, which connects shoppers to how-to videos, reviews, and Q&A. With a large segment of their shoppers falling into the do-it-yourself category, these aides help inspire new home projects in consumers, and convince them that they can do the project themselves. Their feeling of accomplishment after a project is thus tied to Home Depot – deepening their brand affinity.

Your Klout score could get you into American Airlines’ first class lounge
By Cotton Delo for Advertising Age

American Airlines is rolling out the VIP treatment for social media users with a high Klout score. Anyone who has a Klout score of 55 or above is eligible to receive  a one-day pass to the AA Admirals Club in 40 different airports. Admission to the club lands you some pretty cool free stuff, like free wi-fi and beverages. The best part? You don’t even have to have a flight booked with the airline. Says Delo:

“The partnership is the latest attempt by marketers to shower attention on consumers big footprints in social media, in hopes to earn mentions in their news feeds.”

AA is living the mantra of ego capital: Making people feel important gets them talking and sharing about your brand, face-to-face and on social – rather than having to ask them to. Give influential fans of your brand something that makes them feel important – a perk, an experience – and to feed their ego and start conversations.

Sometimes, the best content is given away

By Spike Jones of WordofMouth.org

Content works best when it’s given away – not forced upon people, in trades for email addresses, or by charging fees. And it works even better when it’s given away not by you, but by your passionate fans.

Jones discusses a marketing program for an automotive client where he and his team found an individual with great passion for the brand. The team went to the fan’s house and filmed him talking about all of his passions; not just the brand’s cars, but graphic design and his other interests. They produced a three-minute video gave it to him – and did nothing else. They didn’t promote it, didn’t use it on their social media pages or website, and didn’t even keep a copy. Says Jones:

“Now he had all the power. And that’s all he needed. He posted it on his favorite forum. All his buddies asked how the whole thing came to be and our first ambassador told them the message and purpose of the program in his own words. Industry blogs picked it up and interviewed him. He changed his social profiles to reflect his membership in the program. And it grew and grew and grew. He even became the most influential person on Twitter about that car model.”

The lesson? Evoke emotions in people by giving them a chance to feel significant and to express their passions. In turn, you might get some pretty good results – without even having to ask.

NewFronts: Disney tees up online shows, ‘story’ app for digital families
By Todd Spangler for Variety

It’s no surprise that Disney – uber-successful in its offline storytelling – has found success creating entertaining original online content. After multiple highly successful web series, the company announced 10 new online-only series this month. But Disney is creatively expanding beyond telling their own stories, to enabling fans of the brand to tell theirs.

Users of Disney’s new Stories app can record family memories in an easily sharable visual stream. Using Disney to record memories connects those stories to the brand: When people think about the brand, they have an emotional response, because they’re doing something emotional in the context of Disney. The brand thus provides a useful service to people, which is what good content is all about.

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