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Mobile activity, sales explode at some commerce sites year-over-year
by Steve Smith for Mobile Marketing Daily

The use of mobile phones and tablets to shop online is increasing dramatically. The article reports an increase of 5% in mobile visits to studied commercial sites in just one month. Yearly, they reported an 84% rise in smartphone visits to retail sites and 49% more from tablets.

Statistics show that these mobile visitors weren’t just window shopping either. The physical orders made online in the last year went up more than 100% on smartphones and more than 60% on tablets. With the ever-important back-to-school and holiday shopping seasons fast approaching, brands and retailers can’t afford to miss out on the significant number of shoppers — especially moms — who are relying more heavily on mobile than ever.

Teenage Online Shopping Trends
by Marcia Kaplan for Practical eCommerce

In addition to moms, one of the demographics responsible for the enormous increase in mobile commerce is teenagers. In a 2013 survey, 79% of teen females and 76% of teen males said that they shop online. And cell phones are the main access to the internet for 25% of people between the ages of 12 and 17. The majority of teenagers own mobile devices too, as 48% own an iPhone and 58% have some type of tablet. Says Kaplan:

“Teens are seldom disconnected from their mobile devices so it is best to customize websites for mobile users. Mobile devices are used for browsing, buying, looking for coupons, and checking in with friends to get their views.”

Retailers’ mobile challenges multiply with email
by Lauren Johnson for Mobile Commerce Daily

With the increase in mobile shopping, email marketing can be an extremely valuable means of reaching consumers with devices. Four in ten US consumers read emails most often on their mobile devices. Secondly, 63% are interested in shopping directly from an email that was read on their mobile device.

The consumers are demanding quality, however, as 30% will unsubscribe from an email newsletter if they receive an email that isn’t mobile responsive. As we’ve preached many times, brands must prepare their marketing and websites to meet the needs of omnichannel consumers. Perhaps give shoppers who sign up for your newsletter a choice between HTML and text, as text loads more easily on smartphones. And of course, use responsive design to make your site work on every screen.

The mobile phenomenon: How to stand out
by Rimma Kats for Mobile Marketer

The growth of mobile has had such an impact over the last three to six months that any brand or retailer without a mobile marketing strategy is already far behind. The key to standing out, according to Kats, is “linking mobile marketing with actionable mobile commerce.”

While many of the big brands are generating goodsales through mobile, some of the smaller retailers are just getting on board. As new and improved technology emerges, marketers are not only starting to see the value in being mobile friendly, but they also have an easier transition into the process. But in order to be successful marketers need to realize that mobile is a big deal — one of the most important emerging trends — and that they have to spend time perfecting their strategies. Instead of following the competition, it pays to be at the forefront of ideas. Says Kats:

“Staying ahead of the pack requires careful measuring and tracking of all forms of campaign outreach and consumer response to those engagements.”

Don’t sit around and wait for your competitor to beat you to the gold. Start experimenting now, measure results, fail fast, and perfect your mobile strategy.


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