There’s all these new ways where [agencies] can get more deeply embedded in really, really interesting components of a client’s organization. But you need to have a diversity of skill sets. You can’t just have people who develop ads.

In the latest installment of Connected Perspectives, Mother New York CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Deitchman describes the new breed of agency-client relationships: deeper, wider, and focused on creating experiences—not just 30-second spots and one-off events. This new model relies on a wide array of skill sets that we don’t traditionally associate with agencies. People with journalism backgrounds, for example.

This model is built around a renewed—or evolved—sense of purpose: Helping brands create enticing experiences, and delivering them to the right audience at the right time.

Connected Perspectives profiles the people and ideas shaping the next phase in business. Past and future videos include Porter Gale (Virgin America), Joe Fernandez (Klout), Mike Maples Jr. (FLOODGATE), Doreen Bloch (Poshly), John Ellett (nFusion), John Bell (Social@Ogilvy), Tim Leberecht (NBBJ), Don Tapscott (author and speaker), John Battelle (Federated Media Publishing), and Jez Frampton (Interbrand).

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2 Responses to “Connected Perspectives: Andrew Deitchman, CEO and Co-Founder of Mother New York”

  1. suzieis

    Interesting thoughts Andrew Deitchman. I think this is all going on anyway in spite of (traditional) agencies. What’s missing though is the exceptional: the creative brilliance, the craft, the multi-level campaign concepts, the big ideas – those are where creative agencies add huge value. Always have. Most though still don’t seem to have the authenticity and trust to let go and interract in the dynamic flow of social communications imho. Maybe Mother will prove me wrong?

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