“There’s nothing that beats a great idea and a great story,” says David Cohen, Chief Media Officer at Universal McCann. “…But now we can have a two-way conversation. It’s not just me sitting on a couch watching a fantastic story, but it’s me participating in that story which makes it an even better experience.”

In the latest installment in our Connected Perspectives series, David discusses the need for brands and agencies to unsilo channels, and tell stories that can play across platforms in a meaningful way.

Connected Perspectives profiles the people and ideas shaping the next phase in business. Past videos include Porter Gale (Virgin America), Joe Fernandez (Klout), Mike Maples Jr. (FLOODGATE), Doreen Bloch (Poshly), John Ellett (nFusion), John Bell (Social@Ogilvy), Tim Leberecht (NBBJ), Andrew Deitchman (Mother New York), John Battelle (Federated Media), and Jez Frampton (Interbrand).

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