Welcome to Bazaarblog, and our first posting! We’re glad to be one of of the 2.2 blogs that are reported to launch every second. I wonder who started a blog on this second?

Yes, we know…blogs have hit their peak in hype. So why start a blog now?

I’ve been blogging for over two years (www.deckermarketing.com), and found blogs are a great tool for broad communication and networking. This is the most efficient way to share ideas and thoughts with prospects, clients, partners, analysts, press and marketers interested in improving online experience, conversion, and word of mouth. Even if you will never be a client of Bazaarvoice, this is a resource for any marketer interested in learning more about word of mouth and engaging the customer voice (the literal meaning behind our name).

We will share…

  • Principles, concepts and terms we can share related to online word of mouth and ratings/reviews.
  • Ideas to build word of mouth, develop an online community, and how to develop a customer-centric culture
  • Common questions that come up among prospects and clients regarding word of mouth, ratings and reviews
  • Non-confidential learnings and case studies

We will also capture moments in our company’s journey, which will make it fun, memorable and meaningful.

We will share our personal opinions, insights and useful data. Some postings may sound like we’re selling, because our ideas and thoughts support what we do…developing a word of mouth strategy and inviting the customer voice into your brand. But whether you’re a client our solution or not, these ideas are applicable to any professional interested in this a new paradigm of marketing. We are passionionate about customer centricity and word of
mouth, and will share what’s on our minds.

Contributions to this blog will come from (see bios):

  • Brett Hurt — CEO
  • Brant Barton — VP Services
  • and me, Sam Decker — VP Marketing & Products
  • And of course, we’ll facillitate ideas and content from clients, analysts, gurus and wherever
    else we find interesting ideas.

    We hope you’ll join us in this journey of finding the ‘bazaarvoice’ (What does bazaarvoice mean?)

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