According to a recent survey by, many marketers are less than satisfied with the results of their search marketing programs. A top concern is the lack of consensus on how to measure impact and ROI, and only 46% of those engaged in SEM are happy with their results.

Fortunately, ROI measurement tools and methodologies continue to improve, alongside advancements in more general purpose online measurement and analytics solutions. Even so, marketers will continue to struggle to use search engine marketing and optimization to attract the right customers.

In a sentence, the right customers are those whose actions on and off your site lead to sustainable topline impact that compounds over time as their loyalty builds and as they “infect” other consumers with their enthusiasm for your products, services, and brand. The concept of right vs. wrong customer acquisition isn’t new or novel — it’s just hard to implement! But some retailers are having success.

After just a few weeks of offering customer ratings and reviews, CompUSA noticed that thousands of visitors were landing at each week through reviews-related searches. More importantly, these visitors converted at a 50% higher rate than the site average on a multi-session basis.

Every online retailer sees visitors come and go and stemming site and shopping cart abandonment is a full blown industry, but the visitors that found CompUSA through customer reviews returned over and over again, spending 20% more than the average visitor.

Without even focusing their search marketing efforts on capturing these high-value visitors, CompUSA realized this benefit by creating a destination for consumers that value trust and transparency. Keep in mind, not all reviews are positive, but the right customers don’t punish you for a negative product review. Instead, they reward you for helping them make the right decision and enabling them to share their experience, openly and honestly, with other like-minded customers.

So before pulling the trigger on your next search marketing spend, think about who you are searching for, what they truly want as a consumer (beyond your products or services), and how you can provide it consistently and reliably. Search marketing is here to stay, but the most satisfied marketers will be those that focus on the quality of their results, not just the quantity.

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  1. One step ahead. I look at the news wire early to get a feel of what might be a good search for the day.



  2. One step ahead. I look at the news wire early to get a feel of what might be a good search for the day.



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