We believe word of mouth advertising is effective when word-of-mouth actually IS the advertising. According to emarketer Word of Mouth is top of mind for marketers.

To address this opportunity, tomorrow we announce SyndicateVoice, a revolutionary new opt-in program for our clients, where clients choose the partners they want to syndicate reviews to that are in our SyndicateVoice Network. 

We don't own any of our clients or customer's reviews, so explicit client permission is required and all partners clearly display that they are the source of the reviews. In summary, we are partnering with the leading portals and shopping comparison sites to create additional customer acquisition opportunities for clients that want to participate.

At launch, we are announcing partnerships with MSN, Smarter.com, and PriceRunner. We also feed to Froogle's open API. Many more SyndicateVoice partners will be announced soon.

There are three primary benefits to retailers (our clients):

  1. SEO / natural search benefit – links from the portal to the client's site go to the client's subdomain
  2. Brand impact – clients expose the reviews to millions online shoppers on top-tier shopping sites (for example, shoppers are discovering for the first time that CompUSA has reviews!)
  3. Acquisition results – shoppers who read the review snippet on the portal link to the retailer to see the full review, and purchase from there.

Our goal is to deliver a growing set of features, services and technology to expand the impact of customer content. This announcement follows recent announcements of FeedVoice™ (the first hosted RSS feed for top rated products) and SearchVoice™ (our hosted & branded search engine optimized landing pages). This is the start of a new marketing paradigm – syndicating word-of-mouth to drive customer acquisition.  We expect to make many bold moves in this area.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program, email info@bazaarvoice.com. Ad Age has already covered this.

Here’s what our client’s reviews look like on Smarter.com, for example…

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