Last month, MarketLive kindly invited us to participate in their educational webinar series.  The topic was "Social Computing and Word-of-Mouth Marketing" and the webinar is now available for you to download and enjoy here. 

Our very own Chris Richter presented on the enormous growth and impact of user-generated content and provided specific examples of how leading online brands are leveraging customer content to increase conversion, customer satisfaction, and loyalty as well as open doors to new relationship marketing opportunities (take a look at Sheraton's "Our Global Neighborhood")

It's great to see social computing and word-of-mouth marketing on the radar of companies like MarketLive, a provider of e-commerce software solutions.  In our view, no e-commerce platform is complete without robust word-of-mouth marketing capabilities, and we've reached out to the leaders in this industry to build the alliances necessary to bring integrated solutions to market.  Judging from the attendance of the MarketLive webinar, there is no shortage of interest among online merchants in seeing this integration happen!  

Many thanks to MarketLive for allowing us to participate and to all who attended.  We look forward to launching our own webinar and educational programs in the future and will continue to work with partners to drive awareness of the power of harnessing customer word-of-mouth! 


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