Our friends at The Home Depot did such an amazing job recently of designing and implementing a new email campaign for generating Bazaarvoice product reviews on their website that they got the attention of OMMA, the leading Magazine of Online Media, Marketing and Advertising, and are now a finalist for this prestigious award. You can read all about it here at MediaPost.

I was impressed to learn that this email, developed by The Home Depot’s marketing team, was so successful that “it’s now considered one of the most successful of The Home Depot's e-mail programs and continues on a biweekly basis.” Who would have guessed that an email campaign designed to promote customer ratings and reviews would be one of the most successful in their history!

When The Home Depot launched with the Bazaarvoice solution in May, it marked the first time that user generated content in the form of customer product feedback was made available on their website. And since they’ve been promoting it through emails like this and various sweepstakes promotions, they’ve realized a significant ROI in the form of a higher conversion rates, site traffic and stronger customer loyalty.

If The Home Depot wins the OMMA award in New York City next week on September 26th, it will be icing on the cake!

We’ll be routing for you Shera, Julie and Andrew!


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