I’m on (or was on) a plane back from speaking at emetrics summit in Washington D.C. My presentation was on “How to Bring eMetrics into the Heart of your Business – 7 Principles”. This presentation had little to do with Bazaarvoice, but after many years at startups and Dell, I have a lot of experience and passion for culture and change leadership. Smart strategies and tactics are important, but getting others to move in the same direction is what puts the critical momentum behind growth.  

In D.C. I spent a few days with my family experiencing our country’s history. I haven’t seen the memorials and museums since I was 8. It was a new experience now visiting Lincoln, FDR, Jefferson, and Washington. The fathers of our country had incredible wisdom and courage. They were the entrepreneurs of our nation. They led a level of positive change I can not fathom…only admire and appreciate. 

We took an inspirational tour of George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon. We saw where he slept, where he wrote in his journal every day at 5am, and the land where he rode 20 miles every morning as a hand-on overseer. I discovered that homes in those days were ‘open’ to visitors, even Washington’s. He sheltered up to 600 visitors to his house a year. My 6-year old son asked where they fit the big screen TV! I told him it was in the basement, closed to tours :-) Maybe this tour wasn’t as inspirational for him.

I’m not sure how this relates to Bazaarvoice…not that it has to. However, it occurred to me that the executives of our client companies (and others) had the courage to begin a journey of C2C marketing. The logos on our client page are companies putting putting radical trust in their customers, and empowering their customers’ words to be their words in the market. In reality, they are putting trust in their suppliers, merchants, products, employees and company. In a world of C2C marketing the best companies and the best products win.

Ok, maybe all of this is not a stone throw to birthing a country, but if you look at this from a big picture, C2C marketing can make a big change in our country and the world. C2C marketing helps connect customers, helping them find the right products, help manufacturers' create better products, drive company growth, and helps companies evolve operational customer-centricity and make change. And that’s not all that bad!

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