Sam and I attended and each had the pleasure of speaking at WOMMA's Word of Mouth Marketing Summit & Research Symposium event earlier this week in Washington, D.C.  Over three days, WOMMA members and industry thought leaders presented on a range of topics and shared pioneering research and WOM case studies.  On Monday, I presented our whitepaper, "Ratings, Reviews & ROI", and on Tuesday, Sam presented tips (supported by several hilarious photos) on how to get your organization to embrace word of mouth, both bottom-up and top-down.   

Having attended WOMMA's first research-focused event, Measuring Word of Mouth, back in July 2005, it is truly amazing to see firsthand how successful the organization has been in bringing executives, marketers, and technologists together to share WOM strategies, case studies, and lessons learned.  WOMMA now boasts over 300 members, and these companies are helping to shape the discipline of word of mouth marketing.  WOMMA's phenomenal growth is definitely an indicator of a larger industry trend, one that we write about often on Bazaarblog – the gradual but inevitable shift of marketing strategies and budgets towards more customer-centric, even customer-generated, messaging and focus.  If you aren't a member of WOMMA, please consider joining.  I would personally love to see more participation from direct marketers and retailers.  

In addition, I also want to bring your attention to WOMMA's second volume of WOM research papers and case studies, Measuring Word of Mouth, Volume 2.  The book is "WOM University" in printed form, containing 20 original papers from WOM practicioners and leading companies in the space.  I'm happy to say that "Ratings, Reviews & ROI" is included!  If you are interested in just our whitepaper, you can obtain a version of it by request from our website at "Ratings, Reviews & ROI" whitepaper but I highly recommend that you read up on what other WOMMA member companies are doing to advance the practice of ethical word of mouth marketing.

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