According to a poll we ran last week through of online users across a diverse network of different web sites, 69% of online users are more likely to buy from a site if it has ratings and reviews.

This year online shoppers are even more likely to buy from sites with ratings and reviews compared to a year ago. The survey above is a repeat of a question run by eVoc Insights over a year ago, when they found 63% of online shoppers are more likely to buy from a site with ratings and reviews.

This is further support for the impact of ratings and reviews, which by now is virtually undisputed through studies from JCWilliams, Marketing Sherpa, and; or research from Forrester and Jupiter; or over 20 case studies run by Bazaarvoice, Marketing and Coremetrics; and first-party surveys run by iPerceptions/CompUSA and BizRate/PETCO. But it's always good to get another boost of confidence! :-)

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