By Anna Skaya, Community Manager

In the world of word of mouth communication, an underground movement of experts and enthusiasts is quickly becoming your loudest voice online. They connect, make suggestions, trade secrets, share best buys and stories, and come together as brand advocates – virtual spokespeople for your product. They are your biggest fans.

As a Community Manager, I am the face of Bazaarvoice to my clients, and help them increase their review volume by taking word of mouth full circle. I am their primary point of contact for marketing strategies, data analysis and reporting training, new product features, and of course, maximizing ROI with our solutions. I am personally responsible for the satisfaction of my clients, and we closely track our satisfaction levels each quarter. I am proud to say that the Client Services Team is relentless about client satisfaction and achieved a 4.6 out of 5 rating in our latest survey.

Our recent UK Case Study is a great example of how a retailer strengthened its online community with reviews. is a large online retailer of intimate apparel. Ratings and reviews allow this retailer to capture customers’ insights and opinions, and aids other shoppers in their purchasing decisions.

Six months after launch, we analyzed conversion and look-to-book rates by taking a closer look at specific products broken down by review volume and date. Overall, we found that products with reviews converted higher than those without, and review volume had a positive correlation to conversion. Additionally, look-to-book (product views/items sold) was down on items with reviews, meaning customers were finding more relevant information and buying sooner.

During a successful email campaign, Figleaves quoted one of their top reviewers in an email, calling attention to all the reviews she wrote and making her shine like a celebrity. The power of the individual has never been so great or so influential! Take it to the next level and solicit your best customers for positive word of mouth that spreads far and wide online. The more links you create between the reviewer and the company, the stronger the relationship becomes. That is why features like Ratings & Reviews and Ask & Answer are so powerful – they help create loyal advocates. By rewarding top reviewers with incentives and special recognition – like special coupons, free shipping, or even celebrity status – create brand ambassadors.

At Bazaarvoice, we help your customers build your business. took word of mouth full circle, allowing their customer’s voice to grow their business. We love that!

You can help your best customers become your biggest fans. 


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