In 2007 we posted 112 blog entries to Bazaarblog, about the same number of posts the year before. We're posting about twice a week. According to the 'top content' report, here are the top 10 most visited posts of 2007:

  1. Three Reasons Why Photo Reviews Drive Impact
  2. Google Snakes on a Starbucks' Plane @!*$&#
  3. Bath and Body Works Interview
  4. The Long Tail Opportunity of Consumer-Generated Content
  5. Bazaarvoice Voted "Best Places to Work" in Austin 
  6. Summary of Answers for "What about Negative Reviews?" 
  7. The World's Largest Company Launches Ratings and Reviews
  8. The NPV of Reviews (Why to Prioritize Before the Holidays) 
  9. Bazaarblog » Blog Archive » How jetBlue is Turning Negative Word of Mouth into Positive 
  10. 78% of online consumers have more trust for brands with reviews

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