by Jonathan Wolf, Product Manager, Bazaarvoice

When I joined Bazaarvoice to manage our Ratings & Reviews product, what attracted me most was the fascinating psychology behind site visitors who choose to leave reviews on products they’ve purchased.  In the time I’ve been at the company, we’ve grown to help over 160 clients, and I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of them about what makes their businesses and their customers unique.  While every client has their own flavor, one amazing commonality was the genuine desire of their customers to help each other find their perfect product.

Some reviewers have gone to great lengths to attach dozens of photos and videos to their product reviews to help their fellow shoppers (admire the dedication of Jewelry Television’s #1 reviewer).  In some reviews, like the first review of this product on, you can almost hear the desire to impart words of wisdom from her purchase.  This past summer, we launched Ask & Answer™ to let customers ask their product questions to the world and to let those same reviewers continue to share their knowledge by providing answers.

After analyzing thousands of reviews and talking with dozens of clients, it became clear that these customers were dying to share even more of their experience and expertise with the community.  Product reviews and Ask & Answer gave them a great opportunity to share their opinions on the products they’d purchased, but what about the story behind the purchase?  Why did she get that small business loan?  What happened after he bought that engagement ring?  We knew that they wanted to share more…and that other customers wanted to hear what they had to say.

Accordingly, I’m excited to announce the launch of Bazaarvoice Stories.  This product is designed to let customers share the story that made their experience unique:  getting engaged to her fiancé, taking that trip to Peru, opening his restaurant.  Our clients have proven that Ratings & Reviews are invaluable in helping customers find the right product on your site (read their case studies).  Stories puts the spotlight on the people behind the reviews and lets them share what happened before and after their product arrived.  If you have a website where there’s a story with every conversion, Bazaarvoice Stories may be for you

Of course, Stories offers all of the key elements that we’ve focused on since our inception:  multiple levels of human moderation by trained Bazaarvoice moderators; flexible implementation options (you can host it or we can host it); rapid product innovation (a new product release every 6 weeks); and superior, robust analytics.

See it here on David's Bridal. We will have several clients launching Bazaarvoice Stories in the next month, so stay tuned!

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