Intuit's TurboTaxThis weekend, Intuit launched the largest online campaign to promote customer reviews in history (at least that I know of).  Over 500 million impressions were served on the home page of AOL, MSN, and Yahoo! to promote TurboTax.  In just the past five days of being live, Intuit has collected over 4,000 customer reviews across their TurboTax product line.

This marks a seachange in the financial software space.  Intuit is known as one of the best companies in the world to work for, and now they are known as one of the most "open" brands for embracing customer centricity through user-generated content.  Although the reviews are generally very positive, what makes them authentic to customers is that even a 5-star review will point out features that Intuit can improve in their next release of TurboTax.

I applaud Seth Greenberg, the leader of this initiative and a former Board peer and CEO of eHobbies, and his team of remarkable people.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself by visiting TurboTax's home page to see the reviews.  And here are three of the campaign creatives that appeared this weekend.

AOL "Review Bubbles" (note the instant-messenger look):


Review quote:

 Yahoo!'s home page:


Note: these are online-only promotions.  If you have been missing the news on Bazaarblog, check out these great examples of multichannel promotions in 2008 from Best Buy (Bazaarblog link) and Wal-Mart (Bazaarblog link).

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