Ever heard of Long Bets?  It's a fascinating site, one that can provide profound insights into the future of information technology, consumerism, even civilization itself, thanks to the predictor-challenger-argument format.  Many of the bets are indeed long, as in 148 years long, but others have already been won or lost.  One of my favorites, for its relevance to our industry, correctly predicted that in 2007 blogs would outrank traditional media sites, specifically The New York Times, in search engine results for top news stories.  The challenger of this bet just happened to be the CEO of New York Times Digital.  That one must have stung.  

On a related note, last week we placed a bet of our own at Bazaarvoice.  Not long in the way (duration) implied by Long Bets, but long in terms of our bullish outlook on user-generated content.  We expect this bet to pay off for our customers and their consumers in a big way and in the near term.  

Last Monday, we announced the launch of Bazaarvoice Radius, the industry's first ecosystem of partner relationships, integrated solutions, and best practices designed to drive strategic adoption of user-generated content.  That's PR talk, so what do I really mean?

For almost three years, since launching our first Ratings & Reviews customer way back in October 2005, we've been working with clients to integrate UGC into their online marketing programs and complementary e-commerce applications, thereby extending its value to the enterprise and to the end consumer.  Thanks to these integrations, our clients can measure the bottom-line impact of UGC and their customers can use UGC in a variety of contexts to discover and shop products and services with more confidence and greater trust.  

Bazaarvoice Radius is both a partnership program and an integration platform that brings our best thinking on the many multi-channel and enterprise uses of UGC, integration resources and tools (Web Services APIs, XML Data Feeds, etc.), and expert assistance (our team) together under one umbrella, accessible to our clients and partners. 

In summary, the goal of Radius is to accelerate UGC adoption and marketing innovation.  Our clients want ideas and integrated solutions, and our partners want opportunities to extend their solutions to support UGC and social commerce.  It's a perfect marriage. 

Check Radius for information on your current partners and/or vendors you may be evaluating.  If you have questions or suggestions, let us know, as the program will evolve rapidly with your feedback!  

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