If you missed Shop.org this year, it was a tremendous event. Key to this event’s consistent success is its high-quality speakers, and Kelly Mooney from Resource Interactive had some terrific insights, as always.
Her presentation gave clear direction to retailers: Ignore the Web at your peril. The Web remains the fastest-growing channel, growing 5X faster than offline. The Web impacts cross-channel shopping, not just e-commerce; it’s expected to impact 50% of offline sales by 2012.
The Web has also started to supplant stores as the preferred purchasing channel, and brands are rapidly reallocating their advertising spend to go where people are spending their time: online. And brands are differentiating themselves online much more rapidly than they are in-store, adding features such as multistore check-out, online customization, outfitting, co-shopping, and ratings and reviews.
Kelly spent much of her presentation time on ratings and reviews. We had no insight into Kelly’s presentation before she began, and were pleasantly surprised to hear her give such weight to customer reviews.
Specifically, Kelly hit upon the multi-purpose marketing opportunities that spring from online ratings and reviews:

  • Reviews in search results are critical point of interaction and traffic driver
  • Reviews act as in-context advertising
  • They create engaging content and decision support
  • They enable opportunities for re-engagement and acknowledgement

In all, Kelly reminds retailers that it’s important to continuously develop online properties – now more than ever. She offers these “Rules of the Road”:

  • Expand the role of the web to be a strategic growth lever
  • Create relevant and integrated cross-channel experiences
  • Map your customers’ purchase journeys to support their needs
  • Reallocate marketing dollars to activities with proven effectiveness and ROI
  • Prioritize and test branded micro-experiences that have high appeal for select customer segments

Right on Kelly! We totally agree, and these are the rules of the road we use to help our clients.

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