Ask & Answer has been in the market for nearly two years. Its purpose is to plug another major hole in conversion: answering customers’ questions in a salient, scalable way. Over the last year we’ve been able to measure the impact on conversion and reduced support costs.

Two years ago, we were honored to win ClickZ’s Marketing Excellence award for Ratings & Reviews, and last year we were recognized by Austin Business Journal for most innovative software award for Ask & Answer. And this morning I was greeted with a pleasant Google alert that Ask &  Answer just won ClickZ’s 2008 Marketing Excellence Award for Social Media Marketing!

We pride ourselves on building innovative social software and services that drive measureable results, and are honored to receive recognition like this. The judge’s comment reads: “User-generated content is the killer app for all Web sites, and Bazaarvoice is the hands-down leader in driving innovation in this space. Social networking is only viable for the few. Rating, reviews, and comments are there for all to capitalize on, and Bazaarvoice has made it easy for all to get in the game.”

We’ve wrapped ourselves under the term “Social Commerce” because social media marketing programs should impact the P&L (now, more than ever). Whether through measurable client case studies or awards, we’re thrilled to see Ask & Answer recognized for making a difference.

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