This post was guest written by Heather Lippincott, Bazaarvoice Community Manager.

5.11 Tactical Series creates tactical gear such as clothing, survival gear, and gun and knife accessories for law enforcement, military, and firefighting professionals. Their products literally help these professionals stay safe and save lives. They recently launched Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews on their site and their customers have really responded.

To announce product reviews and encourage customers to leave their opinions on their site, 5.11 Tactical implemented a contest to win a 37” HDTV. They implemented this contest in just one day! They sent an email to anyone who had purchased on the site, placed a banner ad on their homepage and created a splash page with easy-to-follow rules.

The first to review products got double entries into the contest, driving huge results, fast: they got 701 reviews in the first day and 1,048 product reviews during the first week! After contest end, 5.11 Tactical announced the winner in a press release and posted on their site.

Most customers had positive feedback – all ratings were 4 and 5-stars. At first, Brian Rogers, Web Merchandising Manager, was worried that customers would feel that the reviews weren’t credible because of the high ratings, but over time, ratings evened out a bit. Their overall rating is still a 4.7, showing their high-quality products hit the bullseye for their outspoken customers.

Long before adding product reviews to their site, 5.11 Tactical had received unsolicited emails raving about their products. It’s obvious that the community behind 5.11 Tactical is passionate about this brand, and now they finally have a way to express it.

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