Argos is an enormous UK brand, with over 700 stores throughout the UK, serving over 130 million customers a year and takes four million orders via phone or online – and that’s in addition to in-store sales.

Argos is well-known for its catalogue. On average, 17 million UK households, or around two thirds of the population, have an Argos catalogue at home at any time.

So you can imagine our excitement when we saw they are now displaying their customers’ reviews on the pages of these well-read catalogues!

Argos joins the masses of Bazaarvoice clients who are also amplifying the power of user-generated content beyond their websites. Halfords, another huge UK retailer, also features reviews in its catalogues, mentioned customer reviews in their Super Bowl ad this year, and TurboTax now shows reviews on mobile phones and on huge in-store displays.

Look for reviews to continue to expand far beyond the sites where they are captured.

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