This blog post is guest-written by Scott Koester, Product Manager for Bazaarvoice Search.

At Bazaarvoice, we don’t think of search in terms of just search engines. To us, “search” includes any way that consumers look for information, anywhere along the consideration or purchase path.Free People top reviewer

Social Amplification is a big part of this. Social Amplification is about extending your user-generated content beyond your site, wherever people congregate and influence others. This content is found on Facebook or in shopping portals, but it drives traffic right back to your site.

For example, ShoutIt! is a capability available for all Bazaarvoice products that lets consumers easily share their review, answer, or story on their own Facebook or MySpace page, or in their Twitter, digg or accounts.

One way shoppers are influenced is by people like them – or like they aspire to be – on their favorite sites. They read reviews, look for people like them, then visit that profile to discover other products this person reviewed and enjoyed. Deploying profiles helps companies amplify search within their own sites. A great example of this is how Free People highlighted their Top Reviewer on their blog. Now Christina influences Free People shoppers every day.

At Bazaarvoice, we firmly believe that searchers and shoppers will find information to fuel their buying decisions on their own terms – it’s about creating flexibility, not walled-garden destinations. That’s why we help our clients amplify their user-generated content so that users can find it where they want to find it – and where they are already looking.

Learn about our holistic view of search in our blog that introduces our Social Search Framework, and read our overview of technology that Bazaarvoice clients use to increase their search results.

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