rosetta-stoneRosetta Stone, the leading provider of interactive language-learning solutions, launched Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews™ to help customers share their experiences with learning new languages. Now current customers can easily exchange their opinions on a wide range of language-learning solutions covering more than 30 languages, and new customers can browse customer-generated reviews to learn which solution is applicable to their interest and skill level.

Since the launch in April 2009, Rosetta Stone has already collected thousands of product reviews, with over 95 percent of the reviews having a 4 or 5-star rating. To further help visitors determine each review’s relevance, an extensive reviewer profile that highlights the reviewer’s previous experience with the language; reason for learning the language; next language to learn; and number of Rosetta Stone products owned are provided with each review.

According to Tom Adams, CEO of Rosetta Stone, “The positive response to Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews has been outstanding and we are eager to further listen, learn, and communicate with our customers and help them in their language learning journey.”

Read more about Rosetta Stone’s launch in our press release, and check out our related blog posts to see how other clients have used Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews to drive customer engagement for their own brands.

3 Responses to “Rosetta Stone customers share opinions”

  1. These guys don’t have terrible customer service, they simply don’t have customer service

  2. It’s simple man.. Who cares whether or not their philosophy of language acquisition actually works or not. They can’t even send an activation key inside of a confirmation email. Their customer service page says that they’re far too busy to help anyone because it’s the holiday, it’s almost the end of January.. Figure it out man! If this company can get their servers and transmission protocols down, not to mention they don’t want to help you with customer service.. Why are we giving them our money? I’m getting mine back!

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