My wife, Debra, and I don’t get out to the movies much, but when we do we want it to count.  That’s why I check critic and customer reviews online as well as listen to my friends.

Brant, my co-founder and our VP of Business Development, told me he was going to see ‘The Hangover’ with his wife soon, and I decided to do my typical research.  Both critic and customer reviews were positive, so Debra and I decided to go.  Let me just warn you that this is one lewd and wild movie, but it is also extremely funny.  We both had some great laughs, and there are some especially funny scenes that feature a “man purse”.

Roots Village Bag featured in The Hangover

The next week I was reading the June 29th edition of “Feeding the Voice: Cutting-Edge Promotions from Bazaarvoice Clients”.  This is a weekly email from our Community Management team, and it is one of the most important emails I get all week.  Our clients are using user-generated content throughout their multichannel and online marketing in a transformative way (see recent examples from Urban Outfitters, The Home Depot, and Argos in the UK).  And the number of cutting-edge promotions by our clients working with our Community Managers has risen to 20-30 per week, which is about the volume we saw in an entire year just two years ago.  Back to the slide deck – I open it and the first example is our client, Roots, blogging about the “man purse” in ‘The Hangover’.  It turns out it is their “Village Bag in Vintage Tribe Leather“, which is rated a 4.9 out of 5!  I was showing the Roots blog post to Debra last night and her comment was, “that is a really, really nice bag”.

I thought this coincidence was very cool, and you just never know where the impact of social commerce will show up.  And if you are one of our U.S. readers, enjoy your 4th!  We will proudly be watching the fireworks tonight.

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