This blog post is guest-written by Lisa Tu, Bazaarvoice Community Manager.

Free People's Top ReviewersFree People is known for being one of our more innovative clients who consistently think outside of the box. They love their Top Reviewers, and have featured them in numerous blog posts. This time, they decided to feature six of them on their e-commerce site, to drive awareness of Ratings & Reviews and Customer Favorites.

What they did

Free People gathered their six Top Reviewers and into a new category on their site. The selected reviewers showcased different tastes and styles while still representing Free People’s brand and core demographic. Free People then announced the new category via Facebook, Twitter, their blog, and email.

Each of the reviewer pictures on the category page link to the reviewer’s profile page, allowing shoppers to see what the reviewer purchased and how they reviewed it. Any customer can build a profile page on the site, adding pictures and information about themselves. Posted reviews link back to the reviewer’s profile, helping shoppers connect with customers like them.

What happened

In the first week of launch, Free People saw a 93% increase in review volume. Additionally, reviews have become more detailed since the launch, providing more information to help customers make confident buying decisions.

“I have noticed that the reviews are a bit more creative,” said Megan Koons, Web Marketing Analyst at Free People. “Customers seem to be excited at the thought of possibly becoming a ‘Top Featured Reviewer’ in the future.”

Free People is excited by the success they’ve seen with this campaign, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen results for clients that feature reviewers. Free People looks forward to running more Top Reviewer campaigns in the future.

Free People's Top Reviewers

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